The Farside Gallery Gary Larson

Satan's Mom

Aliens abducting kids

"Despite his efforts, Satan could never dissuade his mother from offering cookies & milk to the accursed.

"Now Gorak! This time remember to punch holes in the lid!"

dumb cops


"We've got the murder weapon and the motive. ... Now if we can just establish time of death."

"Hey! Look at me, everybody! I'm a cowboy! ... Howdy, howdy, howdy!"

Lizard Thugs


"Lizard Thugs"

"You idiot! I said get the room freshener! That's the insecticide!"

Aliens locked out

Unhappy Lion

"Well, here they come. ... You locked the keys inside, you do the talkin'."

"Don't be alarmed folks. ... He's completely harmless unless something startles him."

Women are eve bad news in hell!

The Nutty Professor

"For crying out loud! Look at this place! ... Well, this is one little Satanic ritual that's coming to an end!"

An instant later, both Professor Waxman, and his time machine are obliterated, leaving the cold-blooded / warm-blooded dinosaur debate still unresolved.